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No, wait.  Almost four.  That’s the number of consecutive hours of sleep I had last night, and that’s longer than the previous three.

You just can’t expect a pup to hold it any longer than that, so Peaches has been going to bed (her crate) about two and getting up around five.  I’m determined that she isn’t going to have to soil her bedding, so those are my hours too.

Still, housebreaking continues to go very well, and she knows her name and is beginning to come when called.  Mostly.

She wasn’t much interested in the horses, until she discovered that some of them have people on top.  I had to rescue her from a determined attempt at climbing one horse’s front leg in order to greet the person so far above.  Luckily, it was an extremely tolerant mare.  I’ll watch closer from now on.

If I miss a blog post or two, it’s because we’re both having lots of naps.

We need them.



Posted July 18, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs

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