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Purple puppy, that is.  She’s a little beauty and is settling in well — but any pup is like having a human toddler around.  You have to watch them every minute.  Right now I’m checking often to see if — yep, she’s still asleep under the desk.  I got a shot of her there earlier; about the only time she’s still.


Housebreaking is coming right along.  She figured out right away that the faster she widdled  the faster she got to come back in to the nice cool house.  We’ve only had one accident out of what seems like a hundred trips outside. (Pardon me while I check — yep, still asleep.)

I was still thinking about names when I ran across a recipe for peach cider on the Internet.  Perfect.  She is Peach Cider, in tribute to dear old Cider.  Peaches for short.

Xena and crew are pretty tolerant, which is saying something considering Peaches keeps hoping that Xena might have milk like Mom.  She keeps her distance, but hasn’t growled or snapped.  She deserves extra treats and attention, and is getting them.

‘Scuse me — have to go check under the desk again.

Posted July 15, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs

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