The Twelfth Day   Leave a comment

Twelfth day of what, you might wonder.  If you lived here, though, you’d know.  It’s the twelfth consecutive day over one hundred degrees.

Despite that, the nights and early mornings aren’t too bad for riding — or walking.  Here’s some of what I saw this morning.

Good old Ken is back.  He’s the Sheriff’s Posse horse who was attacked by a pit bull a couple of months ago.  He’s finally over the need for daily wound care.  His scar is looking well-healed, but you can see what a terrible wound it was.


Here’s a scar of a different sort.  This burned snag left from the river fire makes a dramatic statement against the sky.  Its limbs were sawed off by the fire crew, and remain scattered around it.


Downriver, the algae don’t seem to have taken over the water as much as nearer home.  The dogs can still enjoy a cooling dip.


Xena’s smug expression, after taking The Stick away from Spanky, was worth catching.


It looks like she’s going to be an Only Dog for a few more days.  The pup is due for a visit to the vet, so her arrival is delayed a few days.  Billy is busy telling everyone that he is Doomed.  His life is going to Change Forever.

Well, anyone who’s brought up a puppy knows that’s probably true.


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