It’s Purple!   1 comment

The pups arrived today for their pre-adoption visit.

They were beyond cute.

It was really hard to take just one . . . but the thought of double trouble helped.  One is enough.

Both had great personalities, were fearless, curious, and playful.  But one was a little larger,  heavier-boned, more outgoing.  She seemed as though she would be a perfect ranch dog.  So purple it was.

Getting a picture wasn’t easy.  Neither puppy quit moving for an instant, and most of the pictures came out as a blur . . .


. . . especially in the tail area.  But with little pups, all you have to do is wait until they tire out.

Going . . .


Going . . .




They went home after their visit, so we have until Thursday to puppy-proof the house, including removing electrical cords — as you can see, already a source of fascination — and anything else remotely chewable.  Then we have to lay in a supply of toys, bedding, food — almost as much stuff as you need for a baby.

But no diapers.

Not that we’re not going to be wishing for them at times in the next few months.


Posted July 6, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs

One response to “It’s Purple!

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  1. Very lovely pup!

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