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It’s hot, all right.

At ten-thirty it was already 97.  As usual on these extra hot days, I’m blogging early, then I’ll shut down the computer for the day.  The humidity is down, so the swamp cooler is working well, but there’s only so much it can do.  If anything interesting happens, it’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.

The river is way down, too.


Most of the flow is diverted to crops this time of year, so it’s not unexpected.  I just hope it doesn’t affect the new growth too much.  Most of it is from old, deep-rooted willows, so maybe not.

On the way back from the river, I spotted our resident roadrunner near the house.


Like the palomino in the background — one of the boarders’ horses I wouldn’t mind owning — he is handsome and I suspect he knows it.

Here’s a closer look.  He raised his crest a moment earlier, but I missed it.


I’m just guessing that he is a he.  Male and female roadrunners look pretty much alike.

We have coyotes too, of course, but none of them seem as interested in a roadrunner dinner as Wiley Coyote of cartoon fame.  I suspect roadrunner would be pretty tough and stringy, anyway.


Posted June 29, 2013 by stablewoman in Kern River, Nature

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