The Heron and the Egret   Leave a comment

I’ve been watching a heron and an egret downstream.  It’s entertaining, because they don’t seem to get along very well.  This leads to a lot of splashing, flapping, and gronking.  (Of course, I’m easily entertained.)

It’s not easy to get a good picture of them with my little point-and-shoot.  The heron isn’t so flight, but the egret takes off at a hint of movement.  That must be because a) the heron is a lot better camouflaged than the snow-white egret; and b) herons have never been hunted for their feathers.  The great blue heron is actually more of a nondescript gray.  (Did you know the word nondescript once meant “never before described”?  A creature new to science was “nondescript”.  Now it just means “not easily described”)

Anyway, here are the heron and the egret, facing off.


Here is the egret alone.  He looks like he’s admiring his reflection . . . but he’s fishing.  Or frogging.


They’re extreme telephoto shots.  I’ve got to work on my sneaking up.

Oh, and one more thing.  I don’t want Duffy to get his nose out of joint because Bella’s getting more pictures than he is.  Here he is, ambling around the round pen today.



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