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I thought it would be interesting to go down to the river and take some pictures every week to ten days.  Though there have been many fires, I’ve never kept a record of the regrowth.  I’m wondering just how long it will take.

In most of the wildfires around California, it will take years for the scars to heal.  Whenever we go through San Luis Obispo, I remember the beautiful old oak landscape to the north of town, destroyed perhaps thirty years ago.  It’s brush and scrub now, and it won’t come back in my lifetime, if ever.  Our river, though, is a different story.  Everywhere you look, there are baby willows nestled up to burned trunks like babies clinging to their mothers.


Actually, that’s not far from the truth.

I was afraid this buttonwillow was completely done for . . .


. . . but it, too, is showing signs of life.


It seemed best to use one place to represent all the regrowth, so I chose the “triangle arch” I’d pictured so often.  It doesn’t look like an arch now.


But it’s coming back strong.




In a week or two, I’ll look at this spot again, and see how it’s coming along.

Of the non-native trees, the liquidambar was the slowest to show green.  But now it, too, is putting out new leaves.


Not all of the new growth is a good thing, though; tomorrow, the bad and the ugly.

Posted June 11, 2013 by stablewoman in Kern River, Nature

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