Knittsie Chicks: The Brave Ones   Leave a comment

I admit it; I chickened out.

When my knitting group, the Knittsie Chicks, decided to participate in the Worldwide Knit in Public day, at Mill Creek Park, I was all for it.  That was before I heard the predictions for record-setting heat on Saturday.  I begged off — but four intrepid members braved the heat and showed up anyway.  Clockwise from top left . . . Sasha, Lynn, Doreen, and Marion.  If Doreen looks a little pink, that’s because she’s a British import.


A good time was had by all who did show up, despite the heat.  They had a raffle with a nice assortment of knitting-related items, and all of the proceeds went to the SPCA.knittsiechicks2

It was probably a good thing that the police showed up to check on this gathering of desperate characters.


It didn’t even make it to the record temperature that was predicted.  It only tied the old record at 107.  To make up for that, though, they did set a record high low temperature, at 79.  (That was a peculiar sentence.  It was the highest night-time temperature ever, see?)

Ah, yes; it’s summer in Bakersfield, all right.


Posted June 9, 2013 by stablewoman in Events, People

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