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Here are a couple of pictures I didn’t post yesterday.  This one shows how little can be left of a willow, yet it can still regrow.


I’m not sure what this is; perhaps a variety of willow.  I thought the delicate coloring on the new leaves was pretty, though.  It might be what Billy calls arrow willow, because he and his friends used the straight branches to make pretend bows and arrows when they were kids.


And speaking of pretty — I spent some time working with little Bella yesterday.  Now that she’s all shed out and shiny, I’m reminded once more of how pretty she is, with her speckled coat and silvery mane.


I’m lucky to have three great equines to play with.  Now if I just had a little more time . . .


Posted June 4, 2013 by stablewoman in Bella, Horses, Kern River

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  1. shes gorgeous! and no, theres NEVER enough time…………….:)

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