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Xena and I went down to the river again this morning, and snapped more pictures of the burgeoning plant life.  Some of it is curious . . . why these little toadstools?  Do they like ashes?


Some of it is ominous.  This is the infamous castor bean plant, source of the castor oil unlucky kids (including me) used to be dosed with — and of ricin.  I probably ought to root it out.  There was quite a bit; at one time it was a popular ornamental, so it’s not hard to come by.

castor bean

The most prominent survivors are the palm trees.  Until the fire, it was hard to see how many there are.  They were hidden in the willows.  Now they’re easy to spot, and putting on new leaves like mad.


I don’t know if these are the native California fan palms, or their close relatives the Mexican fan palm.  It takes an expert to tell.  I can sure tell they are survivors.  Just look at this trunk.


There were no unscorched leaves a month ago.


As long as the river stays up at least as high as it is now . . .


. . . things will continue to revive.

We were watched closely by some suspicious ducks.  Their little ducky heads kept popping up from behind the island, and when we moved, their necks seemed to get longer and longer.


Mother Nature; she’s a survivor.


Posted June 3, 2013 by stablewoman in Kern River, Nature

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