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I didn’t post yesterday; I was busy and just forgot.  Shopping doesn’t make an interesting entry, anyway.

My little Sea Breeze Lavalette is off of the blocking board and done.  It seems that many people who post their finished work on Ravelry, the knitting/crochet site, post an artsy picture of their finished work.  I decided to try draping mine on an elderberry bush.


It was early enough in the season that I didn’t risk any drips of elderberry juice.  Elderberries make a good dye — but purple spots aren’t wanted here.

I liked the way the colors in the shawl placed themselves.  Sometimes, in a variegated yarn like this, the colors will come together in a large ugly splotch.  This is called pooling.  This very cooperative yarn didn’t pool at all.

You can see an error I made in blocking, at the tip of the shawlette.  This can be reblocked and fixed, but I won’t bother yet.  I just want to enjoy actually finishing a shawl — even if it is a small one.

A boarder just came in to warn us about a couple of large dogs roaming the property.  They just seem to be chasing squirrels, but we’ll keep an eye on them.  She said they weren’t pit bulls, but might have been crosses.  With three completely unprovoked pit bull attacks (that we know of) in the last couple of months — four if you count the one at the rodeo — we’ll be watching dogs.  In none of those attacks were the dogs starving, in a pack, or being sicced on by their owners.  They just wandered in and went for the first living thing they saw.  Not good breed promotion, to say the least.


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