Wings of Lace   1 comment

I noticed a new daylily yesterday, and went out to immortalize it before it was gone.  It was already late in the day, and it was due to start wilting.  It was a beauty — palest lemon yellow with deeper throat and edges.  But when I took its picture, I got a bonus; a lacewing.


I’ve always been fond of these lovely little insects.  They’re common, but always worth a second look.  This is a green lacewing, with a pale green body, green-veined transparent wings, and golden eyes.  These tiny bugs are not only beautiful, but useful.  The larvae, which look like miniature alligators, dine on aphids.  This adult, though, would eat mostly nectar.  I wanted to get close enough to show the metallic golden eyes, but I brushed the petals and the lacewing was gone.

It’s been surprisingly quiet around here today.  It’s perfect riding weather — which I took advantage of myself — yet there aren’t all that many people around.  Perhaps they’re out of town on this long weekend.  Anyway, Duffy and I had a very good ride again, and this time went out onto the preserve.  If the grass was still green, it would feel like springtime; it’s that pleasant.


Posted May 25, 2013 by stablewoman in Flowers, Nature, Riding

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  1. Beautiful………….

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