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I finished a knitting project a week or two ago — not by any means a sure thing.  It’s a lot more fun to start a project than to finish one, especially a triangular shawlette like this one.  Toward the end, the rows get looong.

This one, though, was interesting, partly because it was done in cotton.  Cotton isn’t very springy, and it usually makes my fingers hurt to work with.  This, though, was a very high-quality cotton, and I enjoyed knitting it.  The pattern, too, was simple but interesting.  Its name is Lavalette.  The colors make me think of the seaside, so this is my Sea Breeze Lavalette.

It was just a little bundle of cotton when I was done.  It had to be blocked.  This involves soaking and stretching, and it makes lace come alive.  Here’s Sea Breeze blocking.  And my toes.


Blocking evens out the stitches, and opens up the lace.  I haven’t blocked much, and I’ve never blocked cotton, so I’m hoping for the best.  Right now it’s pretty . . .


When it’s dry, it’s supposed to keep its shape.  Now I just have to keep interested dogs from walking on it.

That won’t be easy.


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