The New Tank   1 comment

I didn’t post yesterday, because things were pretty hectic around here.

A few weeks back, our old pressure tank started springing leaks.  Getting a new one proved not to be simple; we had to order it built from scratch.  Friday, it finally arrived.

The big truck came in and put down its stubby legs . . .


. . . and swung it into its temporary place.


Billy decided to wait until after the busy weekend to put it into its permanent place, so it wasn’t until yesterday that the crew began that crucial process.  First, the whole place was put on the backup well, since we obviously had to shut down the main well while the crew plumbed the new tank in.  Then David got on the backhoe and moved the old tank.  It’ll go for scrap, eventually.


Then he picked up the new tank — four or five tons worth — and swung it into place.


It took a little while to get it placed just right, and a little longer to get it all hooked up, but it’s done.

It’s nice to have a competent crew.  David is really good with the backhoe; he did with the (comparatively) little backhoe what it took a huge truck and crane to do when it came in.

It’s also nice to have full pressure again, and no worries about the tank giving up the ghost.  Just another of those chores you don’t think of when you think about running a boarding stable!  Which I doubt you ever do . . .


Posted May 21, 2013 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch

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  1. I was thinking its amazing how handy those boys are! It’s nice not to have to hire someone to do that work.

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