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When the daylilies begin to bloom, one of my favorite times to take pictures is in the late afternoon, when the sun shines through the petals and makes them translucent.  Backlit photos are not easy — but worth it, if they come out.

Here’s a red one.daylilyblacklitHere’s another angle . . .


That slatted patio cover started to burn during the fire, but the firemen caught it in time.  It’s forty years old and rotten in spots, but the flowers love it.

Here’s a pale one reaching for the sun . . .


It would have been a much more artistic shot without the pickup!

Our new pressure tank arrived Friday, and we are going to set it in place Monday.  It’ll be nice to have full pressure again, though we’ve been doing fine.  I was going to ride tomorrow, but I think I’ll wait until the crew finishes with the heavy equipment.

I hope this one lasts for forty years, like the first one . . . though I guess I won’t have to worry about it.


Posted May 19, 2013 by stablewoman in Flowers

2 responses to “Backlit

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  1. Your flower pics are beautiful!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Great shots!

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