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I’ve taken a lot of pictures of our little piece of the lower Kern through the years, and I thought I’d feature a few of them today.  I chose the ones that were taken right out here at the end of the lane, just below the house.  It’ll be easy to see the changes through the years.

This is the river in the seventies — dry most of the year.  There was little chance for any vegetation to grow up in the riverbed.  When it did, it was bulldozed out.


In the eighties — I think this was eighty-five — there was still very little vegetation.  When the river did run full, you could easily see all of the way to Chester, downriver.

riverscan2 85

After the city took over the river, there was water whenever the rains made it possible.  Andrew looks to be about two here, so this is about twenty years ago.  Notice the background; there’s been a fire recently.


There were fire photos from almost every year.  One of the most spectacular was this night fire.  As the brush grew up in the river, the fires got closer — the downside of more water.


But the views were beautiful.  On of my favorite spots to feature was the triangular arch made by two willows.  Sometimes the river flowed over it . . .


Sometimes it was dry.


Or very dry.


But the water always came back.


More tomorrow . . .


Posted May 17, 2013 by stablewoman in Kern River

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  1. Beautiful pictures!

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