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At the beginning of every summer, as the daylilies start to bloom, I have to restrain myself.  I would otherwise try to capture every one on film — or on the camera, at least.

The big ones are starting to bloom now.  I’ll have to look back to see what the name of this one is.  It ought to be “Glorious” . . .


. . . but I’m pretty sure it’s not.  Behind it, the promise of more blooms in the form of long green buds.


Here’s another shot of Tiny Perfection, which is tiny, compared to the larger blooms.  But look at its perfect little ruffled gold edge, and the faint peach of the rest of the petal.  Perfect, all right — at least when nothing’s been chewing on it.


Speaking of which, I went out to water my tomatoes last night, and made a sad discovery.  There had been several nice fat green ones almost ready to begin turning red.  They were gone.  Completely gone.  Not the work of bugs, though; destruction that complete meant that the squirrels had figured out how to climb over the wire cages.

I guess I’m not destined to have a garden this year.

I’ll just have to ride instead — and visit the Farmer’s Market a lot.

Posted May 14, 2013 by stablewoman in Flowers

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