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I realized this morning that there must have been fairies on the lawn last night.  Why, they left one of their parasols — and it was still glowing!


Then, disappointingly, I realized that the problem was mist on the camera lens.  The little toadstool looked less ethereal when I wiped it off.  It was still pretty, though, with all the dew around it.


Another pretty thing awaited me — the first daylily of the year.  It was welcome, even with a large bite out of it where some bug had a colorful meal.


It’s “Spacecoast Tiny Perfection”, and if this bloom is not quite perfect, it’s still worth a second look.


We have heard more about boarder Anthony and his horse Ken, injured in a pit bull attack a week or so ago.  Anthony is doing fairly well, though it turns out that he had fractured ribs as well as a broken collarbone.  At first they thought his ribs were only bruised, but a second look found the fracture.  He is in quite a lot of discomfort, of course, and having trouble sleeping.  I have had both of those, but not at the same time.  I can barely imagine what having both would be like.  He has my sincere sympathy.

Ken had an infection break out, and had to have his stitches removed, the wound cleaned out and dead tissue removed, and be sewn back up again with larger drainage tubes.  He’s doing better now, but has a long road ahead of him.

The pit bull that attacked them was found, and quarantined — then returned to its owner!  Or at least the person who claimed it and said it was really a “sweet dog”.  Just as sweet, I’m sure, as the ones who attacked and killed the lady over in the desert.  They, too, had previously attacked a horse.  Maybe Animal Control needs to rethink its policy — or some laws need changing.

I had a question from my sister-in-law Elizabeth about the difference between an Australian saddle and others.  I’ll talk about that tomorrow . . .


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