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Grandson Andrew borrowed Duffy last night, to go on a night ride.  His girlfriend Ciera and a buddy were going, so he needed the extra horse.

I’m sure Duffy enjoyed being out with Kitty and Pepsi, Andrew’s horses and Duffy’s “girls”, though he kind of loomed over them.  Working ranch horses tend to be short.


They had a great ride, though they didn’t get back until it was late and very dark.  Not much of a moon, either; night rides are more popular on full moon nights.

Duffy has a new breastplate, and I fitted it to him today.  It’s Australian style, to go with my saddle, and looks very good on him.  It looked like it might be too small, but fits just fine.


It gives him something of the look of a cavalry horse, and makes me want to whistle “Garryowen”.  Or maybe not; that was General Custer’s favorite tune!

It’s turning hot.  I got a late start and only rode for about fifteen minutes before I gave up.  We were both sweaty, even so.  Duffy has gotten really fat, but maybe he’ll lose some of his pudge if I can make time for riding this summer.  A horse and two ponies to work — it’s a good thing the days are long!


Posted May 11, 2013 by stablewoman in Duffy, Horses, Riding

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