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It’s been better than a week, now, since the fire, and life is getting back to normal.  I missed blogging yesterday, but not due to any disasters; only errands in the morning and a pleasant trip to the SPCA book sale with Marion in the afternoon.

It’s time to get back to riding Duffy, so today I got him up, worked him in the round pen, and gave him a good grooming.  It was a warm day, and it was hard to get him going in the round pen.  I wanted some pictures of him gaiting, but every time I quit urging him on and picked up the camera, he dropped to a walk.  Still, I got a couple of shots that demonstrate the difference in way of going between gaited and non-gaited horses.

Here he is at the walk.  Even walking, his legs on the same side move much more together than a “normal” horse.  (Let me emphasize — this is normal for him, not something taught.) There are three feet on the ground.


Here I managed to catch him pacing — reluctantly.  His head has come up, he legs on this side are moving almost exactly together, and only two feet are on the ground.


This would be very uncomfortable if I were riding him; he rolls like a ship at sea.  It’s a lazy way of moving.  He won’t foxtrot until he’s collected up a bit — and feeling peppier.

Both of us could stand to lose some weight, but Duffy for once is fatter (proportionately) than I am.  We’ll get more exercise in the days to come.


Posted May 10, 2013 by stablewoman in Duffy, Horses

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