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Our view, at least, has really opened up.  I could see a congregation of egrets taking advantage of the low water this morning.  Before the fire they would have been hidden behind a wall of green.

Of course, that means they could also see me.  By the time I crept down to the riverbank, most of them had taken flight.


The telephoto helped out, but one of them was still giving me the fishy eyeball.

egretsmay8 2

They are beautiful birds, the essence of whiteness.

This afternoon, I caught up Bella and took her down to the round pen.  None of my equines have been out of their pens in days — well, except for Duffy being evacuated — for obvious reasons.  I was going to let her play in the round pen yesterday, but when we got down there, one of the crew had the tractor stuck in the gate.  He hadn’t realized the rotary harrow is just two inches wider than the entry.  He knows it now . . . the backhoe had to haul him out backwards.  It seems that rotary harrows don’t back up well.  Or at all.

Anyway, after Bella ran around today, we went down to the burn area.  I was curious to see what her reaction would be.  She was wide-eyed and blowing, but followed me obediently, even crossing a few burned logs.  It was funny watching her trying to decide where to put her feet.

The story is still around that we lost horses in the fire.  This morning, someone from Rancho Rio told Billy that someone had told her we had lost fourteen.  And that person knew it for sure, because she had been there helping to evacuate horses!  The only thing I can think of is that by “lost” she meant “evacuated”.  The number would be about right for that; the ones that actually left in a horse trailer, or ridden out.  Even those are all back now.

And someone just came to the door to report a hotspot still smoking.

We’ll get this behind us eventually.


Posted May 8, 2013 by stablewoman in Events

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