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From firestorm to rainstorm; we’d much rather have the latter.

I skipped our knitting circle last night.  I was a little reluctant to leave the place just yet.  Every time we thought everything was over, another problem broke out.  As it turned out, I needn’t have worried — at least about fire.

The clouds had been gathering, and the predicted thunderstorms seemed possible.  Sasha and Peggy stopped by, on the way to knitting, and Sasha and I got some photos.  It was a pleasure to take pictures of something beautiful for a change — despite the power lines.


There were curious straight lines across the clouds, like the rays from the setting sun.  The sun, though, was on the other side of the sky.


Sasha and Peggy and I watched them for a while, and surveyed the burned area, then they were off to knitting while I went in.

It wasn’t too long before the heavens opened.  Thunder, lightning, and pouring rain.  I was glad that my friends had time to get to their destination before the storm hit.  Billy and I were both glad that the rain put a definite period to any lingering hot spots.  In fact, we had puddles before morning.

It was a powerful storm, for Bakersfield.  A genuine, if wimpy, tornado was spotted just outside of town.  What next?

Incidentally, we’ve heard that our house burned down, the whole stable was evacuated, and we had fifteen dead horses.  In fact, Dr. Paul, the vet, showed up on the day of the fire because someone had told him that we had two dead horses.  By the next day, those two non-existent dead horses had multiplied to fifteen.

Rumor is an amazing thing.  Once more, for the record; our house is still here, and no horses, humans, or buildings were harmed in any way.

I wish I could say the same for the trees.


Posted May 8, 2013 by stablewoman in Events, Weather

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