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The winds picked up again today, and are really howling again.  Scott came in earlier today to tell us that there was a fire near the Manor Street bridge; probably caused by a hot spot from the earlier one.  The Fire Department came as soon as we called, but couldn’t get water to it.  Scott and David, on the John Deere and the backhoe, went out to help the firemen with shovels.  I think they’ve got it now; but it wasn’t in an area to cause us more problems — at least, the way the wind was blowing.

The ashes from the river are headed north at high speed.  The only good thing, Billy says, is that they’re all going to end up in Oildale instead of here.  Except, that is, for the ashes that blew in through the dog door and are streaking up our linoleum.


The dust must be bad everywhere.  It’d be perfect weather for one of those multi-car pileups.  I hope everyone thinks about the decreased visibility and slows down on the roads — but I doubt it.

Some more bad news; one of our long-time boarders, Anthony Mungary, and his horse Ken had an encounter with a pit bull out at the fairgrounds.  Anthony is a member of the Sheriff’s Posse, and he and a friend were headed back to the trailers after a performance at the rodeo when they encountered the dog.  They didn’t want to confront it, and turned their horses and were quietly walking away when the dog attacked.  It grabbed poor Ken (who is one of the World’s Great Horses; everybody loves Ken) by the chest; and as he whirled, trying to shake it off, Anthony was thrown.  Luckily his friend was there and managed to beat it off — not easily.

Anthony had a broken collarbone and cracked ribs; Ken a severely lacerated chest.  He’s all stitched up, but the vet said the problem would be infection.  The dog’s mouth was so filthy that infection set in immediately, so Ken’s on everything from rabies shots to antibiotics.  He’s staying temporarily near Anthony’s daughter’s home, so she can take care of his injuries.

Back to the winds — they’re picking up even harder right now.  We looked out and saw several fire trucks down at the bridge, with their lights going, so Billy went to see if that fire has broken out again, and to check the tarps on the haystacks.

It looks like another long night coming up.


Posted May 5, 2013 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch, Events

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