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We were awakened from a sound sleep last night by a loud droning sound.  Both of us jumped up and headed for the back door.  There was nothing to be seen, but the droning continued.  It was very loud, and obviously the sound of a small gasoline engine of some sort.  It wasn’t a dirt bike or a chain saw, the most common sources of night-disturbing noises.  The only thing we could think of was a fire department pump, pulling water out of the river for another fire.  We couldn’t see a fire, but there was a strong smell of smoke.  Still, that could have been from the other two fires.

So this morning, Xena and I walked over to the river to check things out.  There were signs of a fire on the island, but I wasn’t about to wade through the stagnant waters for a closer look.


After all, that’s what telephoto lens are for.


There had been a fire, all right; but it might not have been one from last night.  I’m positive there was one, though.  The smell of smoke was still hanging around.

Xena didn’t care, as long as there was a stick left to retrieve — even from that algae-filled water.


Then, this afternoon as we were eating lunch, we saw through the window a puff of smoke rise to the west.  There was one big puff, then a thin grey veil which quickly vanished.  It looked like the fire was already out, so we kept on eating lunch, despite the sound of multiple sirens.

A little later, boarder Cheryl appeared to tell us that there were fire trucks and police cars all over the levee.  The fire was out, but they were still checking things out.  They sure put it down in a hurry — but maybe they’re looking for trouble.

Four fires in less than a week.  This is getting serious.  It’s only due to the excellent work of the fire department that none has gotten very far.

As I’ve said before, we’re not in any great danger because of the prevailing winds.  We’ve also got a lot of water, and even a fire hose connection on one line.  We’ve watched the entire river bottom south of us go up in flames without any damage to our property.

Still — I hope they catch the firebug.  Soon.

Posted May 1, 2013 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch, Kern River

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