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I’ve been writing about riding my third equine, Duffy.  Since I hadn’t ridden him in some time  . . . a couple of years, maybe? . . . he hasn’t been featured here in a long time.  So, since I’ve started riding him again, here is Duffy.

He is an eleven-year old unregistered Foxtrotter, chestnut roan in color.  This is what he looks like.

duffy 6 30 08

He is a big strong horse . . . and he finds his size a disadvantage sometimes; like when he’s trying to reach grass. (You can sure tell this isn’t this year’s picture!)


He is big enough that I can’t see over the lowest point of his back.  He makes quite a contrast to the ponies.

His color is the most noticeable thing about him, other than his size.  His ground color is a dark red chestnut, almost burgundy.  This makes the white hairs sprinkled throughout his coat stand out and glitter like silver.

duffysbottom2 6 08

He is very strongly gaited; I’ve never seen him trot.  Even his canter is lateral.

His temperament . . . well, he’s a big amiable doofus, but brighter than he looks.  His size and strength make him intimidating, but he’s ridden successfully by this seventy-year old lady.  He gets along well with other horses, but (thank goodness) doesn’t put up a fuss about leaving his pasture mates.  Though he put up a fuss all day when they left him.  His heartbroken whinnying . . . “Where are my girls?” . . . lasted all day.

All in all, he’s got a lot of personality.  Now if he was just about two hands shorter, it would be great!  It’s such a long way to the ground . . .


Posted April 30, 2013 by stablewoman in Duffy, Horses

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