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After a thrilling morning spent doing the banking, I decided to get outside this afternoon and do something Useful.  It wasn’t quite as hot today — only about 75 at noon — so after cleaning up Kody (again; he’s still not running out of hair) I decided to take a walk.

I went to the other side, because I wanted to visit Mama and Baby, and see how Baby is doing.  However, he was sleeping, and declined an interview.


I’d swear he was snoring.

Yesterday was not the best day of the week, by any means.  Besides nearly losing Xena and the pump, we did lose little Spur.  Spur is Andrew’s girl friend Ciera’s little pup, and she looks like this.


They left her out of her kennel while they went to dinner, thinking she’d stay with the other dogs, and when they got back she was gone.  They looked and called, called and looked, but no Spur.  It’s likely that someone picked her up.  Ciera made up some flyers to put up, and we’ll hope someone knows what became of her.  She’s a really nice pup, and at her age would go with anyone.

Come back, little Spur . . .


Posted April 25, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs, Horses, Pets

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