Dog Up a Tree   1 comment

For reasons best known to himself, Andrew’s dog Spanky decided to climb the mulberry tree.  He looked like he even surprised himself.


Maybe he saw a squirrel up there.  Before they butchered pruned it, he wouldn’t have been able to see anything up there.

At any rate, he decided to play Rin Tin Tin while he was up there, and struck a dramatic pose.


You could tell he was thinking “Now, just how do I get down from this thing?”


He figured it out eventually.

The old tree is looking a bit better; it’s sprouting green at every bump and nub.  Maybe it will make it after all.

Then Spanky won’t be able to see those squirrels up there.


Posted April 14, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs, Pets

One response to “Dog Up a Tree

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  1. Spanky is so dang cute. I love these pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

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