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Yesterday I commented on the broken piece of tiling up on the levee bordering our property, and today I asked Billy about it.  As usual, he knew the answer.  I think he knows about everything that has happened in our area since (and before) he was born.

The levee itself is old; it had been there before he was born.  It was dirt then — just dirt.  But after the Tehachapi quake in the fifties, rubble from buildings that had collapsed or had to be razed was dumped onto the levee.  It got rid of it, and strengthened the banks.  Before the Isabella dam was built, that was important.  So that broken piece is part of the remains of a building destroyed in the quake.  Over the years, dirt has built up and buried much of that rubble, but enough remains to make it a squirrel paradise.

That quake has more than one memento on our place.  I wrote a while back that the trusses for the shelters in our oldest pens came from a school building that was also razed after the quake.  It was an event that still echoes in Bakersfield history.

Today Bella and I went over to the other side to use the big arenas.  I can’t turn her out in ours, because it’s got only one rail.  She’d run right under it.  But the arenas across the highway have two rails, and are safe for her.  I hadn’t used them for a long time, because the last time I did, I thought I’d never get her caught again.  She ran from me like a wild thing.

That was then; this is now.

“Wow, this is a big pen.  Are you sure it’s OK?”


“Well, someone else has been in here. I guess it’s all right.  Can we go now?”


No wild-pony action today!


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