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Marion said she thought she had heard heavy equipment downstream, and wondered if the city was moving the transients on.  So, after grooming Kody (how can one pony produce that much hair, anyway!) the dogs and I headed down there to look.

Sure enough, where there was a sizable tent and a big dog a few days ago, there was nothing but a few rags and a trash-filled shopping cart.


It was kind of pathetic.  Most of these people are harmless; a seventy-year old woman and two not-very-ferocious dogs had not hesitation about going (carefully; from a distance) to check on them.  If there were any sanitary facilities nearby — and they picked up their trash — it seems like there should be a place for them.  But there aren’t, and there isn’t.

The dogs had a good time, anyhow, splashing in the much reduced river.


Note the tracks; a dirt bike.  It might have been a city vehicle.  Billy said he saw one go by right after I did — in fact, a city pickup, a four-wheeler, and a dirt bike.  They were probably going to check up and make sure that the camp was definitely gone.

I missed them altogether, because we went back by way of the Bakersfield cactus, to see if there were any more blooms.  There were.


Notice the bit of tiling at the lower left?  This levee was built with rubble from razed buildings.  That might be a bit of bathroom tile.  It doesn’t add anything to the looks of the area, but nobody worried about that when the levee was planned.

I didn’t scramble up quite as close to the cactus as before, when someone was with me, but got close enough for a fair shot.  It seems they’re going to come along one or two at a time, instead of in one glorious flush of bloom.

bcactusapr10 2

I wonder — if I had met the city truck, would they have thought I was a homeless person?  That would have been interesting; to see how I would have been treated.  Maybe next time.


Posted April 10, 2013 by stablewoman in Kern River, Wildflowers

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