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Yesterday a boarder alerted Billy to a Big Problem.  She had noticed a leak under the big pressure tank which serves the whole ranch.  It had been leaking for some time, but somehow he’d missed it.  He shut it down, and started the secondary well sending water our way.  But it’s a much smaller well, and the pump was working far too hard to get water to the whole place.  If it burned out, we would have an Emergency instead of a Problem.  So this morning, he set David to excavating with the backhoe to see just how bad the problem was.

It was bad.


The bottom of the forty-year old tank was rusted through in several places, and close to that in others.  It needed repairs fast — and then a replacement.

This is about a three-thousand gallon tank.  It rests in a concrete cradle; and if we weren’t going to replace that, too, we needed one very close to the same size.  So Scott and David took its measurements.


And Billy got on the phone.  It turned out that a replacement tank would take about six to eight weeks to get — and would cost about nine thousand dollars.  Ouch.

The crew managed to get the old one pretty well patched, though there’s still a dribble.  They set the pressure lower, to stress the tank as little as possible while still having enough water to run the place.  It’ll be fine for now, but we’ll still have to get an order in for a new one.

Meanwhile, the small problem; the one that was my fault.  I went out for a walk yesterday, and there was a girl sitting in the road.  It turned out that she was from neighboring Teen Challenge, and she had found a kitten in the ditch.  They couldn’t let her keep it, and she didn’t know what to do.  She couldn’t bring herself simply to put it back where she found it.  So, reluctantly, I told her I would take it and see if I could find it a home.  This was not smart.  It’s not easy to find a kitten a home, and I absolutely did not need a cat.  But there was that little face . . .


Luckily, Lori B., who with Jill is already caring for a mama cat and tiny kitten in her tackroom, had a cage all set up that mama and baby weren’t using any more.  So we set it up in the garage.

It was a very friendly and playful little scrap.  Lori named it Yoda.  I provided the money, and she went off to buy it kitty essentials.  This afternoon she took it to the vet.  It was in excellent health, and she found a kind person who agreed to be its foster mom.


It was an irresistible little thing, but — did I mention? — we don’t need a cat.  Besides the wildlife problem, there are the dogs.  They considered it a new and interesting type of ground squirrel — one they might actually be able to catch.  So I’m really happy with the way things turned out.

Now if we could just find an orphaned pressure tank . . .


Posted April 9, 2013 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch

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