April Dawn   Leave a comment

The title sounds like a good name for a horse . . . or a Hollywood starlet.  But it does refer to an actual sunrise.


It was a lovely beginning to another perfect spring day.  (Although some rain would have made it even more perfect.)

I mentioned the little cat somebody dumped a couple of weeks ago; the cat who promptly had kittens under a tackroom.  I haven’t done an update on mama and babies.  Two of the three tiny kittens didn’t make it.  They got respiratory infections and died quickly.  The third, though, looks as if it’s — I think it should be he’s — going to make it.  He had a snuffly nose and weepy eyes, like the others, but seems bigger and stronger day by day.  Lori B. and Jill, who’ve been caring for the little family, had to work this morning, so I fed Mama and examined Baby.  He looks pretty good; he’s a little black and white guy marked like a border collie.

I’m in two minds about cats.  I like them, and used to enjoy having them around when long, long, ago I lived in town.  But . . . think of the little killdeer family of a couple of days ago.  Cats are really hard on ground-dwelling birds like killdeer.  I don’t think an area with a lot of wildlife is the best place for cats — especially those that have been dumped, turned feral, and have to hunt for a living.  And they will hunt, even if sympathetic people feed them.  It’s not their fault, but the fault of the people who dump them.  It goes both ways — bobcats especially think domestic cats are delicious.

I don’t know the answer — except for a lot more spaying and neutering.

Anyhow, the mama and baby presently inhabiting a tackroom aren’t hunting anything.  And I think they’ll have not trouble finding homes when the baby’s ready to wean.  So there will be one abandoned cat story with a happy ending.

There aren’t very many.


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