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This post was going to feature the places and things the dogs and I saw on our walk today.  However — on the way back, I spotted a pair of killdeer and their babies.  We have lots of killdeer, but they are very good parents and you seldom get to see the babies.  And they are cuuute!  Their only rivals in that department are baby quail.

I didn’t want to get too close and scatter the walnut-sized babies away from their mother, so in the first shot I missed entirely.  I think.  Do you see any killdeer?  (If you aren’t a bird person, they are named for the sound of their cry, not for any hostile intent toward Bambi.)  I left this picture in, because it shows the kind of habitat they like — bare and open.  The mother’s little scrape of a nest would be nearby.


The second shot was more successful.  There is a mama killdeer and at least two babies in this shot.  Can you see them?  They are well camouflaged.


How about now?  I cropped and magnified a bit.


Here’s another . . . mama and baby.


And here’s one that’s pretty good.


I don’t suppose it’s possible to overdose on fuzzy cuteness . . . or I’d be in trouble.


Posted April 4, 2013 by stablewoman in Birds, Nature

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