The Other Round Pen   3 comments

It was Bella’s turn for attention today, so we strolled over to the other side.  I’m always looking for new things in the continuing quest to show her everything a little horse might be afraid of.  Besides, she’s gotten bored with the round pen on this side, and the one on the other side of the ranch would be a different experience.

She did seem to enjoy the change.  She tore around at first so fast I had a hard time getting a non-blurry picture.

bella apr3 3

Then she trotted around importantly.

bella apr3

Afterwards, we went around visiting people.  A pony is a great conversation starter.

I did notice one big advantage this pen has — the shade cast by those old cottonwoods beside it.  It wouldn’t be a bad place for a chair, so you could watch your horse in comfort.

Hmmm . . .


Posted April 3, 2013 by stablewoman in Bella, Horses

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  1. We installed a “hot walker” many years ago. It’s one of the types that has drop panels so the horse is free in a 30 Sq Ft. section instead of tied to a rope in one place. We were so proud, and would watch the horses socialize and play, and then summer came and we realized we put it in between asphalt and a gravel lot…not a drop of shade near it. If we only had trees like yours!

    • I’ve never seen a hot walker like that! In summer, it must have given a whole new meaning to the words, “hot box”.

      • Too True! It’s a great way to exercise some of the more stubborn horses that don’t like to go anywhere, or the horses that don’t want to train to lead, because the panels are hanging about 10 feet up (chain link panels), are about 5 feet wide, and drop down to the height of our average horses hocks (our horses are around 14.3-15.2 hands). It swings freely, so if they don’t want to go, it just rushes right up on their rear end. Unfortunately, my (former stallion) boy Big Un learned that if he stopped and braced himself, he could get the gate to swing over him and join his friend in the next pen! So, we’re in need of repairs before we can use it anymore 😉

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