The Horse Trailer at the Foot of the Rainbow?   Leave a comment

The weather cooperated with Easter very well here.  The rain held off until late afternoon; then we got a sprinkle; then we got a pretty good little rain.  Here it was probably three or four hundredths, but downtown it was a deluge.  It flooded several low spots downtown, and drowned a cute little red Alfa Romeo convertible.  The paper had a picture of the disconsolate owner standing by his car.  I guess you don’t try to drive through floodwater in an Alfa Romeo.

After the rain, the conditions were perfect for rainbows.  I was sure there was a beauty out there, but as we were eating dinner, I didn’t get out there until it had started to fade.  I don’t know if it ever made a full double bow, but if so, it must have been spectacular.


It wasn’t until I got in that I noted the horse trailer parked at the foot of the outer bow.

If I had gotten out there, would there have been a pot of gold in that trailer?  Or was it in the cottonwood under the brighter bow?

I guess I’ll never know.


Posted April 1, 2013 by stablewoman in Weather

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