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I mentioned how good Fiona, the little Welsh Cob, was looking yesterday.  Her rider, Donna, sent me a couple of pictures that prove the point.  Here is Fiona at the trot.


And at the canter.

fionacanterFor comparison, here is Fiona’s sire, Northfork’s Cardi.


You can see the resemblance.  Cardi is showing at Grand Prix level, against full-sized horses.  You have to be a very, very good pony to do that.

It seems odd to call Fiona “little” when she is a full two hands (eight inches) taller than Bella.  Compared to the usual seventeen-hand horses (five foot eight at the top of the shoulder) Fiona is tiny.  But in the world of cutting horses, for example, Fiona would  be about average.  In their discipline, little means quick.  Yet they are considered horses; no one ever calls a cutting horse a pony.  Not without a fight, that is.  Technically, though, anything under fourteen-two (four feet ten) is considered a pony.

It’s all in your point of view.


Posted March 29, 2013 by stablewoman in Horses

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