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I haven’t recorded a morning walk in a while, so here’s some of the things the dogs and I saw today.

The willows are budding everywhere.  This is a bit hard on the hay fever.


Yet a willow in full bloom — can you call it bloom? — is a very pleasant sight.


The mulberries, too, are beginning to leaf out in earnest.  They’re not native, but they have made themselves thoroughly at home.


In here, I should have a shot of the dogs reclining in the river.  I forgot to turn off the flower setting, though, and they turned out blurry.  There’ll be plenty of chances for them.

On the way back, I passed Donna and Jill having a pleasant morning chat.


Little Fiona the Welsh Cob is doing very well.


Back at the house, I found a first — an apricot miniature rose.


It’s not as pretty out there as it would be in a wet year.  There’s almost no grass; the rabbits and squirrels get it as fast as it comes up.  They’re even eating my tomato plants.  Still, there’s always something to be enjoyed along the river.



Posted March 28, 2013 by stablewoman in Flowers, Horses, Nature

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