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Lori B. and I went to a citrus tasting at White Forest Nursery this weekend, and I was much taken with an item from Four Winds Nursery, which was sponsoring the event.  It wasn’t the citrus that got me, though.

It was this truck.


Isn’t it a beauty?  When I showed this picture to Billy, he said he thought it was a ’36 Dodge, but he couldn’t be sure without seeing the grill.

I already knew it was a Dodge.  I could tell by the charging ram hood ornament, not by the grill.

The trailer wasn’t half bad, either.


It’s always nice to see someone having fun with their business.  After tasting the fruit, though, I didn’t buy anything.  Not because it wasn’t good; it was delicious.  But I really liked the Meihi (I think it was) variety of kumquat, which tasted good and would have been perfect by the back door.  They didn’t have any trees of that variety, so I decided to wait.  I did buy a few things for the garden, so the trip wasn’t wasted.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I didn’t have enough money to make a bid on the truck and trailer.


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