The Hairdrifts of Spring   Leave a comment

Now that Bella is on the verge of getting out and about under saddle, it’s more important than ever to expose her to as much as possible.  We went over to the other side and visited the goats today, which she viewed with some horror and great whoofing snorts.  She went up to them, though, and was relieved to see that they had no interest in eating ponies.

We wandered all around for a while, noting the hairdrifts all over the place.  They were most visible where someone had groomed their grey horse.


Bella wasn’t much interested in this, and pointed out (or would have, I’m sure, if she could talk) that her roan hairs hardly show at all.


Back at home, I noticed that the old Cecile Brunner climbing rose is beginning to bloom.


They are so perfect that it’s hard to tell how tiny they are, unless they’re in your hand.


The flowers are fragile, but they come from tough roots.  This old rose vine has weathered a lot.  There was one in the back yard when I was a teen-ager, over fifty years ago, and it wasn’t young then.  It was still there when my sister visited our old home a couple of years ago, and I’m sure it’s blooming yet.

I hope someone says the same about ours years from now.


Posted March 22, 2013 by stablewoman in Bella, Flowers, Horses

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