Bella’s Big Day   1 comment

The round pen is still kind of bumpy, since it was worked after the last ring, so Melissa decided it was time for little Bella to try the Big Arena.

It is a very Big Arena for such a little horse.


She did very well, though.  She looked good coming . . .


. . . and going.  (At this point, I bumped the little dial on the camera onto Special Effects, which is why the rest of the photos look a little off.  I may have to put a piece of tape over the durn thing.


She had to take a close look at the walk-over.


But she went right on over as soon as she was sure it was Really Safe.


No problems, despite a big horse working in the arena at the same time.  That’s good; many horses large and small are distracted by other horses at first.  Bella has never worried about them very much.

Melissa is sure doing a great job with her.  Both of them seem relaxed and comfortable together.


Posted March 18, 2013 by stablewoman in Bella, Horses

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  1. Big brave girl Bella! your gorgeous!

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