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Melissa brought her little dog Floyd to visit yesterday.

When I say little, I do mean little.


The most striking thing about Floyd is his long, thin legs.  They are even longer and thinner than they look in this picture, because I was looking slightly down at him.  That’s hard not to do, unless you lie on the ground.

I imagine he’s mostly Chihuahua, with maybe some Miniature Pinscher, and some Italian Greyhound to account for those legs.  They are no bigger around than a pencil, and when the sun is behind him, it shines right through them.  You can see that clearly if you look at his right hind legs.


When he was prancing around with the light directly behind him, you could see through all four legs.  He’s a living X-ray.

You wouldn’t think such a delicate little dog would be OK around horses, but he does just fine.  Like most little dogs, he doesn’t know how small he is, and carries himself as if he were a Great Dane.  He’s not yappy or scrappy, either — unlike many little dogs.

Melissa says he got his name because she got him at Floyd’s General Store.  He’s not exactly her kind of dog, but she felt sorry for him.  A large lady had him tucked down between her bosoms, and I understood her to say that he was almost covered with her beard.

Surely I must have misunderstood that part . . . mustn’t I?


Posted March 15, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs

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