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Daylight Saving Time has us getting up earlier . . . sort of.   We get to see the dawn now, even though it’s still 6:30.  This morning, it was cold enough that I got to see fog rising off of the river.


It’s an eerie sight.  It looks like smoke hanging along the ground, but it’s wet enough still that you don’t entertain that thought for more than a moment.


Notice the sprinkler that some helpful passer-by has rearranged for us.  It’s amazing what some people find entertaining.

The days are getting busier as they grow warmer and longer.  Billy just ordered another tack room — an 8 x 8, wooden and well built, like all of the tack rooms we buy.  It was needed; we try to have one tack room for every two horses.  It’s amazing what people cram into them, even not counting tack.  If they all had electricity, some people would make them nearly livable; and our PG&E bill would be through the roof.  Well, it is already through the roof.  Through the stratosphere?


Posted March 12, 2013 by stablewoman in Kern River, Weather

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