After the Ball   2 comments

I’ve been doing more walking, now that spring weather has really set in.  Maybe I can get rid of that pesky extra four pounds I’ve been carrying since Christmas.  It’s really perfect walking weather, and the dogs think so, too.

Especially when there’s a ball involved.


A ball doesn’t last very long around here.  You can find their sad little gutted remains all over the place.  But while they last, everyone has a great time.


Yep, it’s spring all right.  A month ago, you couldn’t have gotten them in that water, even for a ball.  Notice that three of them are looking all over for it, while Xena has glommed onto it and is trying to figure out how to get it back to shore without anyone stealing it.

She didn’t make it.  The ball didn’t make it back, either; Spanky lost it on the way.  Sometimes I think of buying them some nice new tennis balls — and I would, if I thought they would last longer than ten minutes.  Sticks are much cheaper.

On the way back, I paused to take a couple of flowering fruit tree pictures.


Their season is so short.  These are beginning to leaf out already.


Someday, though, they’ll be delicious nectarines.  We might even get to taste some!


Posted March 11, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs, Flowers

2 responses to “After the Ball

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  1. Where is that tree located? I din’t realize you had one nearby…

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