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Here are Rye and Xena, occupied in being cute.


Actually, they were asleep because they were bored out of their little doggy minds.  They’d been waiting all morning for me to do Something Interesting.  Anything.

But it drizzled most of the morning, and there aren’t going to be many days left when it’ll feel good to sit in front of the fire and . . . well, sit in front of the fire.  It was lucky we still had some wood left at the house.  Even this afternoon, when I finally went out with the dogs and a pocketful of carrots, I turned right around and came back in.  I had on a turtleneck with a sweatshirt over it, but I still had to come back for a jacket.   When I came back, I put another log on the fire.

The time hasn’t been altogether wasted, though.  I’ve been crocheting while I sit.  This is my St. Patrick’s Day project.



The light green stripes are going to get narrower and the dark green ones wider, until it’s all dark.  I’ll do a border of shamrocks if the yarn holds out.

It’s kind of hard to find a really pretty green.  Both of these are lovely.  The lighter one is all of the colors of new spring grass, while the darker one is like deep forest lit by occasional gleams of sun.  They’re perfect for this time of year.

Outside, you can’t walk more than a few feet without wading through a puddle.  This is probably the last of the winter weather, though.  It’s supposed to be near eighty again by mid-week.  It’s definitely time to get back outside with the horses!  Before we know it, we’ll be complaining about the heat.

Posted March 10, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs, Needlework

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