The Forecasters Were Right   1 comment

Well, they were sorta kinda right.  It did rain.  Boy, did it rain.  The only thing is . . . the forecasts ranged from maybe a sprinkle to .25 to .50.  This morning they said we’d gotten .67, and it was still raining then.  I figure we ended up with close to three-quarters of an inch.  Not too shabby.

It feels like winter again, though.  If it makes it to fifty we’ll be surprised.  It’s hard to believe that the start of daylight savings time is coming up Sunday.  This time of year, though, it’ll warm up very quickly.  Meanwhile, we’ve got some very wet arenas and pens.  Billy was looking for a hoe to dig drainage channels where possible.

A cold, dark, gray day . . . how about some (more) cheerful pansies?  I bought some a few days ago with an almost indescribable color.  The reverse of the petals are violet, ranging from an intense blue-violet to a rich red-violet.  The faces are marked with crimson, copper and gold, accented with black.  Like this.

The blue-violet . . .


And the red-violet . . .


Right now, heavy with rain, they’re looking pretty droopy.  Soon, though, they’ll be putting on a real show.

This morning, I heard the Border Collies (Gena, Spanky, and Xena; Rye, as usual, declined to participate.) yelling outside.  I looked out just in time to see the large pale shape of a bobcat disappearing into the river bottom.  I was afraid the dogs might tackle him for a moment, but there was no danger of that.  They went shrieking down the road, right past the spot where he vanished.  At first I thought they might have confused his direction, and were backtracking.  Thinking about it, though, I believe this was another case of discretion over valor.

Border Collies are pretty smart, after all.


Posted March 8, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs, Flowers, Weather

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  1. great shot on the pansies !

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