Pink or White?   1 comment

A question I always as myself at this time of year — of the many blooming trees around town, which do I like better:

The white . . . so bridal and innocent . . .


Or the pink . . . bold and striking . . .


I’m glad there’s no real need to make a choice!

We got a little rain last night, but it was just enough to moisten the ground.  More is coming . . . they say.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

Bella, Xena, Rye, and I went for a walk down in the river bottom this afternoon.  We got to a spot we’ve been through several times; a steep descent down a sand bank, followed by a couple of downed branches to be stepped over.  She’s done it beautifully every time.  I stop her on the top, ask her to wait while I go ahead, and then let her pick her way down.  This time, as I stepped over the branches, I felt a slight tug on the lead rope.  I looked around, just in time to see a pair of neat white hoofs whizzing by at eye level.  For reasons best known to herself, she had decided to jump the whole thing.  And boy, did she jump it!  She must have cleared those little branches by three feet, and landed a couple of feet on down the trail.  I made her go back and do it properly, but I would judge that by the bright-eyed glances she was giving me that she thought I was No Fun.

Maybe she will make a jumper on down the line.  I’m just glad her aim is good.  That’s a pretty narrow section of trail.

Posted March 8, 2013 by stablewoman in Bella, Flowers

One response to “Pink or White?

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  1. I like both! 🙂

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