Back in Business   2 comments

The Nikon is back in business; it was just a low battery again.  I’ve got to remember to check the little symbol before it freezes up on me.

I would have had a very nice picture of Melissa and Bella — except I cut off most of Melissa’s head.


Oh, dear.  I’ll do better next time — at least I’ll try.

Bella wasn’t as good as usual.  It was a breezy day, with a front blowing through, and she was sure there was a Monster in the bush by the round pen.  She was nervous and scooty, but didn’t do anything too terrible.  I hope she’ll be calmer next time; but as Melissa said, “Anyone can have a bad day.”

The Knittsie Chicks meet tonight, so I have to cook early.  In fact, I’d better check my boiling potatoes right now . . . see you later.


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2 responses to “Back in Business

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  1. Melissa does have excellent heels though, in her riding form:). See…you were just highlighting her equitation skills!

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