The Tale of the Horse that Sat on the Rabbit   1 comment

I’ve taken some nice pictures, but I’m fighting with my camera right now, so they’re going to have to wait.  Meanwhile, here’s a story I’ve told before, but this time I’ll tag it as a told story.

Many years ago, when we were buying and breaking colts fairly regularly, we bought two young Quarter horses; a colt and a filly.  The colt was a pretty thing, and we sold him quickly.  The filly, though, was homely; lop-eared, small, undistinguished dark bay, and plain-headed.  She had a kind eye and a nice nature, though, so we kept her around, sure she’d sell sooner or later.  She was called Little Lady.

She was in the last one of the row of pens that lead to the tunnels running under the four lanes of Manor Street.  At that time, there was an elderly man who used to come through collecting cans and bottles.  He had a little train of grocery carts, and liked to festoon them with metallic streamers and balloons.  Needless to say, he caused quite a stir when he wandered through, accompanied by a bunch of kids.

This particular day, he’d already been through once, spreading alarm and consternation among the horses.  We only found out later that he’d come back through the tunnels after dark.  The first clue we got was a frantic phone call.  There was a horse loose on Manor, and it had been hit by a car.  Was it ours?

It was.  Little Lady had been panicked by the cart-train, and jumped out of her pen.  She cleared the four-foot fence and the barbed wire county fence a couple of feet away clean, leaving not a hair behind.  Then, on Manor, she met the Rabbit.  The Volkswagen Rabbit.  Anyone remember them?

The driver nearly got stopped.  She was going away from him, and he scooted under her rear end.  She wound up sitting on the hood, giving that driver a very unusual view.  By that time, the crew had arrived and got her caught.  Amazingly, she had hardly a mark on her.

You couldn’t say the same for the Rabbit.  The hood was crushed down around the engine like so much aluminum foil.  It wasn’t going anywhere.

This was well over thirty years ago, and I don’t remember who ended up paying for the repairs on the Rabbit.  Little Lady, though, went on to a successful career as — a jumper.

She did very well in the lower levels of eventing, and this plain little fourteen-two Quarter horse beat some fancy warmbloods.  She wasn’t great at dressage, not being a very good mover, but she did well in both the stadium jumping and the cross-country.  Nothing fazed her, and she would try anything her rider asked of her.  After her retirement, her owner kept her here until she died of old age.

And she never had to deal with any more Rabbits.


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  1. Great story!

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