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Xena and Rye had a long play session yesterday morning, in which they hit the dog door going and coming at least half a dozen times.  Finally, after being Strongly Discouraged (that is, yelled at) from doing it any more, they collapsed onto the rug.  Xena began very gently licking Rye’s forehead.


They really are the best of friends, except when chasing a stick. Then the much smaller Xena makes it quite clear, with body blocks and growls, that she is Top Dog and that is Her Stick.  Rye, as I’ve mentioned before, apparently retaliates by peeing on the disputed stick.  She accomplishes one thing; that stick doesn’t get thrown any more!

One of our customers was in today, kind of disgruntled.  It seems that her mare has been confirmed in foal by the vet.  This would be good news — if she had wanted a foal.  It seems that at her previous stable, a stallion got loose, knocked her down, trampled her and broke her arm, and ran off into the river bottom chasing her mare.  They weren’t caught for some time, and when they were, the mare was still wearing what remained of her saddle — which wasn’t much.  No one seemed to pin down exactly who was responsible, and that was when she moved out.  She’s okay with having the foal, but it wasn’t exactly her idea.

That’s why we don’t take stallions.

Oddly enough, when Billy and I think back on the foals born here in recent years, we can think of exactly one that was actually planned.  Most of them, though, were of the “We didn’t think the colt was old enough to breed a mare,” variety.  This is the first one resulting from forcible abduction!



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