The Gathering Storm   2 comments

Not a rainstorm, nor yet a snowstorm.  The one would be welcome, the other amazing.

No, this is a . . . hairstorm.

Here are the first signs.

kodyshairmar1 2

This happens to be Kody’s hair, but it’s happening all over the ranch.  Some of the horses are a lot farther along than this.  Soon, there’ll be drifts of hair everywhere, much to the delight of the nest-building birds.  They prefer white or pale hair, like Kody’s; easier to find and pick up.

It’s less delightful to us humans, especially if we happen to suffer from hay fever.  Even if you aren’t an allergy sufferer, all the hair drifting around makes brushing your horse a Really Interesting experience.  A noseful of horse hair can do the best of us in.

We’ll think positive; it may not be as pretty as a pansy, but it’s another sign of spring!


Posted March 1, 2013 by stablewoman in Kody

2 responses to “The Gathering Storm

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  1. I’ve already panicked that a critter had died in the barn this week before I got all the lights on, and it was just a tumbleweed of hair!

  2. Hehe just wrote on this last week too. I brush dogs outside and hope birds use shed for nesting. Good luck with the horsehair. Lol

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