We’ve Got a Cherry-Picker!   2 comments

Or a bucket truck, if you like.  David bought it at an auction Saturday.


We’ve been needing one for a long time.  Maybe you can’t think of a lot of uses for one at a boarding stable, unless you’re boarding giraffes, but we can.  For example, when we’re working on top of the haystack, to top it or cover it.  We’ve been lifting the crew with a World War II truck bed and the hay squeeze, but this’ll be much easier.  Then there’s tree trimming.  We’ve got that much-loved old mulberry that PG&E refuses to top any more, and will take out unless we can do it.  That tree can shade four or five parked cars at a time, in the heat of summer.  We don’t want to lose it.

In the background, you can see some of the other pieces of equipment we use around here.  I can see the backhoe, a couple of 8 or 9N Fords, the dump trailer, and just a little bit of the hay squeeze.  All of them are helpful, if not necessary, to efficiently care for this many horses.

But I wonder — what will they buy next?



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2 responses to “We’ve Got a Cherry-Picker!

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